What is Forsage? Getting started with Forsage

Forsage ..! Perhaps you are listening to this word every day and wondering what is it, that people are always discussing about. In this blog, I will try my level best to answer all the questions related to Forsage like what is the Forsage, how it works and how to earn after using it. I request you to read this blog word-by-word, because many of the terminologies used in it have a deep connection among themselves.
Before answering all the questions, I will explain some of the important terminologies which plays a very important role in each & every process of the forsage.

Some important Terms


Technically speaking, Blockchain is a Distributed Ledger Technology that works on peer to peer topology. Blockchain is a decentralized system in which the data collected on different servers. There is complete transparency in the blockchain which means that the information of the people can be seen but the information of any one cannot be controlled.

Blockchain Concept
Centralized System

Decentralized System

Decentralized System means many systems are interconnected and in which not a single system possess the authority over the whole system. For example, if I have created my website according to the decentralized system, then the data associated to that system will be collected in many servers and there will not be main server among all servers.

Since there is no main server in this system, it means this system is completely free from hacking and there is not any issue of data theft or data loss, hence makes such systems completely robust & secure. Many of the world’s well-known digital currency Bitcoin follows a decentralized system pattern.


Cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency uses the concept of Cryptography. Cryptography is a way in which all the security information given by the user is protected by a special type of code and that information is available only to the registered user.

Cryptocurrency works on the concept of decentralization system, which is completely transparent and all investments made by the user are secured in digital value. If the user wishes, he can also convert it into his country based currency.

Let’s get information about some virtual currency, which comes in the category of cryptocurrency that already made their significance in the world market.

A. Bitcoin

According to Wikipedia, in 2011 the value of 1 bitcoin was $ 0.30 which was almost equal to INR 18 in Indian currency, but as of today the same 1 bitcoin is worth $ 9,512.61 which is approx INR 711870.94 in Indian currency. Now you can guess it very well that whoever had invested even a thousand rupees in it, how much his value would have been today.

B. Ethereum

Ethereum is the second largest cryptocurrency in the world, which is currently very much trending. It was launched in the year 2015 and as of today, the value of 1 Ethereum is around $ 280.00 which is approximately INR 20958.00 equivalent to Indian currency.

Since the value of bitcoin has increased so much, so many people have started investing in Ethereum. It is estimated that by the end of the year, its value will have crossed about $ 1000 and will grow faster than the rate of bitcoin.


BNB is also a type of cryptocurrency that started in 2017. If seen today, its value is about $ 17.12 which is equivalent to INR 1282.74 Indian currency. In fact, its growth is slow but if you want, you can also invest in it, because cryptocurrency comes under the fastest growing sectors that can grow ever so rapidly, So do not underestimate any cryptocurrency 🙂

Till Now, we have learned about some related terms associated to Forsage, Now it’s time to acknowledge ourselves about Forsage & its working.
“Getting Started with Forsage”

What is Forsage

Forsage ..! is a decentralized system that works on the concept of blockchain topology. Forsage is a huge earning platform in Ethereum coin and is completely safe.

The forsage started at the end of February 2020 and as of today, more than 7 lakh people have joined it. This platform has become so efficient that it helps us to make a good amount of money through network. There is no need of any qualification or degree to connect with it, you can join it no matter how you are.

Let us now talk about how this works and how we can connect with it.

How forsage works?

The forsage works like a matrix of mathematics which is very easy. The Forsage Matrix works on two stages, the first one is X3 and the second one is X4.

The X3 stage is considered as working and on the other hand X4 is non-working. Working means every user has to build their own network and non-working because the system automatically creates a network as in matrix form. If we understand it in easy language, then we can assume that the system itself build a network in X4 stage and makes the stage as profitable as it can. Let us go ahead now

What is the X3 stage of forsage?

This is 1×3 Matrix. If you have added 3 people, then one cycle of your X3 stage ends & reactivates and starts another cycle. The larger the network you build, accordingly, your income and number of cycles will also increase.

X3 Stage Forsage

Suppose if you have invested 100 rupees and later on 3 people join you with the same amount of money then the investment of the first 2 i.e. INR 200 will be credited to your account as soon as they would added and since to make this system work & to repeat its cycle. So the third person’s investment i.e. INR 100, will be credited to reactivate the ID. There are 12 slots in this stage which can increase the revenue of a user very quickly, we will understand it further.

What is the X4 stage of forsage?

Like as X3 stage, the X4 stage follows the matrix rule as well. X4 because in this you will get investment of 3 people and the fourth investment reactivates your ID. Like the X3 stage, it also runs its cycle regularly. The special thing of this stage i.e. you do not need to build a network, but the entire task of network construction is done by the system itself – Is it not amazing 🙂

stage X4 Stage

This is 1X6 matrix . You can understand it by the Diagram given above, where “ID” representing you and below that “A”, “B”, “C”, “D”, “E”, “F” are connected members to you.

In detail, the investment of “A” and “B” will be credited to your uplink / sponsor here, but your account will be credited by the investment of “C”, “D”, “E” and on the other hand investment of “F” will reactivate your “ID” for X4 stage and this process continues throughout the cycle of the X4 Stage.

Like the X3 stage, this stage also has 12 slots which is truly effective to increase your income very quickly.

12 Slots of X3 and x4 stages

12 slots X3 X4 stage forsage

Here are the 12 slots of X3 and X4 stages, where 0.025, 0.05, 0.2 … 51.2 are all representing the Ethereum coin. This is to say that if INR 20958 = 1ETH, then INR 523.95 = 0.025 ETH, INR 1048 = 0.05 ETH and. … up to 51.2 ETH. Hope you can easily calculate the price of each slot :=)
(The most important thing is to be noted here as the value of Ethereum increases, the value of the slots will also increase, so don’t delay if you want to join it)

Find the list below where You will be able to easily understand how much you can earn after going through the every slots of X3 and X4.

*NOTE : This data has been created according to today’s date (24/07/2020) where 1 ETH = INR 20958. Please make it clear a little volatility will always be there.


Perhaps some people will still be confused and also repeatedly asking a question from themselves, Do we need to invest money from outside in every slot? So the answer is – Not at all. In this whole process, you have to invest only once, whose value is very low and you can easily invest a little to get such a big income. For example, understand that out of your income you invest in life insurance on a monthly basis, so just invest your one month LIC investment on Forsage and of course this would not  be a big deal and work a little to get some excellent amount of ROI.

Yes..! for this process, you only have to invest 0.05 ETH (ID activation charge) + 0.03 to 0.05 ETH (as gas tax) and it will be around 0.08 ETH to 0.1 ETH. Be clear,  the price of gas tax increases or decreases according to the value of Ethereum, so if possible, you should deposit at least INR 2,200.

After this process, you will remain exist in this network and your ID will remain active till Forsage exists 🙂

Now, when you register on forsage, the entire amount of 0.05 ETH will appear in your Forsage Dashboard. After this, as soon as you click on the first slot of X3 stage, half of the amount, i.e. 0.025 ETH will be invested on the first slot of X3 stage and remaining 0.025 ETH will automatically buy the first slot of X4 Stage. Congratulation! 🙂 Because you will become an important part of the blockchain.

Now you must be wondering how one can purchase all the 12 slots with just a one time investment? If you have read all the above information carefully then you can answer it by yourself, but if you are still a little bit confused then I will explain it again. I have told you that X3 stage is called the working stage in which you have to connect people through your affiliate link or referral link. In blockchain concept this link plays a most vital role entirely and without it you would not be the part of blockchain or forsage.

Moving ahead, As a user start registering through your link the X3 matrix starts building and along with this the amount invested by that registered user (on X3 stage – 0.025 ETH) will start appearing in your Forsage account. Similarly, you will earn from the second user, but third user investment will reactivate your X3 stage ID. If seen, overall you will get benefit of 0.05 ETH and if you pay attention then you will understand that the value of the second slot of X3 is 0.05 ETH which you will be able to buy with the amount you earn from those 2 users. The thing to be noted down here that your earnings will be according to the slots you purchase and in the same fashion you will be able to purchase every next slots gradually.

Similarly, the X4 stage in which the network builds by the system itself which would definitely provide some income for you, and eventually you will be able to use it to buy the X4 slots one by one. One thing to understand is that you have to buy the X4 slots separately, which means that the first slot of the X4 stage automatically becomes active when you first become the part of this blockchain but the next time onward you need to buy it.

The earning through X4 stage is more as comparison to X3 because the network of this matrix is more than that of X3 stage. There are two ways to earn from this, First you create a huge network in the X3 stage so that the system of the forsage automatically connect them to the X4 stage. Since the connectivity in the X4 stage can be occur from any direction and if your network(under X3 stage) is good then system can make a direct connection under your X4 stage within your network, which will increase your earnings to a great extent. The second (optional but good) is that if you are financially capable then buy the first 4 slots of both X3 and X4 stages, as every next slot is double of its previous slot which directly increases your earnings.

Let us take you forward, where you will understand how to make a connection in this platform.

Getting Started with Forsage : How to install the forsage?

      You are requested to follow the given procedure with every single instruction. …

If you have already registered in WazirX, Unocoin or any other app like these, then you can directly move to STEP-3 and select you installed app during transaction.


Because Forsage only works on Ethereum (ETH) cryptocurrency, so you have to change your currency first to work for Forsage.There are so many currency exchange apps and you can find it easily. For the demonstration I will use the WazirX App here and you can register in it through PC as well.

Do Register or Signup

Go to Seetings & “Verify Your Account”

Complete the KYC process

Let me tell you that WazirX is a very secure cryptocurrency exchanger app from where you can do your transactions with no interruptions. It takes about 1 to 2 days to verify the data you have submitted, and as soon as the verification is done, a mail will appear in your email and you need to verify it. After that you will have to fill your bank related information like bank name, IFSC code, account number in WazirX.

After all this process, you will also be able to send usable funds to WazirX and will also be able to purchase Ethereum, ETH from there. For example, if you need INR 2200 to join Forsage, then you can send money from your bank account to WazirX which you can eventually invest in buying ETH.


All the steps from depositing to buying ETH from WazirX mentioned below: 
Enter the bank information after KYC
Go to Market option and click on INR
Enter the four digit pin set by you in WazirX
Click on Deposit Button
Choose your option from these
These are WazirX details, You have to take any of these options and deposit money
Choose one of these four methods and deposit money
For example, I have used UPI, you choose your choice

In this video, you can see the entire process from depositing and withdrawing money in WazirX ...
Alternatives of WAZIRX : UNOCOIN , ZEBPAY
How to buy Ethereum from WazirX
At last, you will receive OTP in both SMS and Email which will be verified. Immediately after verification, the Ethereum purchased by you will start appearing in your account.

STEP-3: Important and final

Now we will see the important way to connect with forsage blockchain. If seen, work on forsage can be done in 3 types of devices … Desktop / PC, Android phone & iOS phone, then

if you

Since I use an Android phone, I will tell you some important ways related to “TrustWallet” and ofcourse all these methods are applicable to everywhere either in PC or iOS Phone. The beauty of this platform is that, this app does not ask for any personal information but gives you an ID and a password of 12 words by itself.

Let me install TrustWallet from scratch and share the related information with you.


The most important thing in this whole process is your password. Just look at the second method in the picture above – in this way the system gives you 12 words which is your password, then moving forward you have to arrange these words in order from 1 to 12 completely as you would see in the first method. As you arrange them properly, immediately a “Verify” button will be activated and soon after that your Trustwallet account will be created.

NOTE : By mistake, please do not forget this password because it is as important for the account of the forsage as your breath for your life. Understand this in another way – if you have made a good income from the forsage but you forget to secure this password somewhere, then assume that you started from zero earlier and still stuck on zero after earning. So remember this / keep it safe somewhere. One important thing and there is no option to reset the password in forsage.

Now further we have to deposit at least 0.1 ETH of Ethereum in TrustWallet. So let’s now see how we send the amount deposited in WazirX to our TrustWallet account. The simplest thing is that we have to follow the method of Withdrawl, walk into the TrustWallet app and start it from the fifth step as mentioned below.


Now the ultimate way to join forsage

If you have a sponsor, then copy the link given by him and if not, then you must copy this link given by me- https://forsage.io/i/m85m2f/
*** One thing to remember is that you must have a sponsor because only then you will be able to successfully join yourself in this process of blockchain.

Now go to your TrustWallet Account and follow the whole process as per the pictures given below.

CASE : 1

The problem of “Case 1” will come as long as there is not enough Ethereum in your trustwallet, so first of all you deposit Ethereum according to the last picture given in Trustwallet. As you will be able to see that you are getting an alert to deposit 0.05 + 0.05 (gas tax) ETH in your account, so you will have to deposit that much ETH. Let me tell you again that this gas tax can range from 0.03 ETH to 0.05 ETH, so you must add at least INR 2200 to your account.


CASE : 2

“Case 2” indicates that there is sufficient quantity of Ethereum in your Trustwallet account and you will be able to complete the entire process of forsage using it.


Your final dashboard in Forsage

As soon as your approval is done through you, in the same way you will reach the dashboard of your forsage account. In the picture below, you can easily see how the dashboard of the forsage looks like. In this dashboard you will get your ID, people connected to you, amount you have earned, 12-12 slots of X3 stage, X4 stage, X3 and X4, your affiliate link / referral link – through which you By becoming the sponsor of someone, you will be able to form a significant part of your network.

Now you finally have to click into the first slot of the X3 stage, this will mean that you have bought the first slot and set your position by making your first investment in the blockchain of Forsage. By clicking in the first slot of X3, the first slot of your X4 stage will also be activated automatically, meaning that you have also bought it.

Go ahead and grow your network as faster as you can… All the Best.


Through this blog, I have tried my level best to give you all the information related to the forsage and I hope that somehow i made it possible to explain you. If you still have some problems, you can send your queries to me under the comment box below, I will probably try to solve your doubts as soon as possible. If you are a forsage specialist , then you are requested to share your experience and also answer the questions asked by people.

Facts - which are only possible in forsage

🌺-Your earned amount will come directly to your account

🌺-The amount you earn will be automatically transferred to your Trustwallet account

🌺-You do not have to make any request to receive your funds

🌺-The website of Forsage can never be closed because it is built in blockchain technology

🌺-The founders of the Forsage also follow its rule and they cannot change its rule even if they willing to.

🌺-Since Forsage is completely decentralized, it is impossible to hack it.

🌺-Forsage is a lifetime investment for you

🌺-There is no completion date for the level of forsage

🌺-One time investment is enough to join the forsage to earn from it

🌺-Forsage is a platform with the ability to convert your installed 0.08ETH to 800ETH, but you have to commited to work for it.

🌺-There is no quick scheme Forsage to become Rich

🌺-You will be able to become rich in the forsage only when you work on it regularly and smartly

🌺-Maintain your connection with Forsage because your 1st step can be useful in removing your troubles

🌺-Your 10 active networks can make you a rich person in forsage

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